Xcel Is Raising Rates

Did you Know?

Xcel is increasing energy rates

In April of 2012 Xcel Energy reached an agreement with regulators to increase rates $114 million over the next three years.   The question for every consumer is that with rates increasing, and their monthly bills increasing, what can you do to lower your energy bill with all of the new rate increases?  First, you need to find out what parts of your home’s energy consumption are inefficient right now.  Xcel will even pay most of the cost for a professional home energy audit to find this information out.  Second, you can then improve your home.   Sustainable Improvements will show you which upgrades make financial sense. In addition to offering home energy audits, Sustainable Improvements offers a variety of services that will help decrease your energy bill.  Sustainable Improvements also handles all improvements with our licensed and professional network. With Xcel increasing rates Sustainable Improvements also will verify all tax credits and rebates are received.  Sustainable Improvements will help you save money when you need it most.