Why Any Solar is Smart Solar

Years ago, it was a smart question to ask, “What is the payback period for this solar project?”  Solar was expensive then, and the options beyond a solar lease were slim.

That is no longer the case.  Solar is now so affordable, that almost all homes benefit from it.  This is why thousands now switch from renting electricity with Xcel to buying and owning electricity with their own solar.  So now when someone asks, “What is the payback period?” it is perfectly appropriate to respond: “What is your payback period for milk?”  Because electricity, like milk, is something you have to buy.

Hence, the choice is either to continue renting your electricity from Xcel with nothing to show for it, or to now buy your on electricity with solar.  You are always going to be ahead now buying solar than continuing to rent electricity from Xcel.  Solar is now another wealth building tool — those who switch to save solar will save $30 to $70 thousand over thirty years.  Those that don’t will only continue to see their money wasted with no equity buildup.

Hence why at Sustainable Improvements we are proud to partner with Blue Raven Solar to ensure quality solar at affordable prices.  With Blue Raven Solar, you can own your solar for zero money down, free power for 18 months, and earn that full tax credit this year!