Thermal Imaging And Denver Home Energy Savings

The first step to saving energy in your home is to request a certified energy audit. The use of infrared cameras will diagnose home-performance problems such as air leaks, indoor air quality, insulation inefficiency and combustion safety issues. Audit specialists mainly use an infrared camera to make heat leaks visible. These cameras are also known as thermographic scanners or thermal imaging devices. The camera produces an image called a thermogram, and a thermographer is the trained specialist who operates the device. There is a common assumption that infrared cameras measure surface temperatures which isn’t actually how the tool works. Infrared thermal imaging measures the intensity of radiant energy (heat) being emitted by the surface that the camera is aimed at. An energy audit will ultimately find specific areas of your home where improvements or upgrades could save you lots of money. The audit itself won’t save you any energy, but following through with the recommended improvements will. Remember that each home is unique and improvements are made based on past energy usage, current and projected energy prices as well as your home’s specific features (do you have an older home or is it newly constructed?). To develop a plan of action for Denver home energy savings, contact a certified professional about scheduling an energy audit. Not only are we experts in the industry, but we are Colorado’s best energy audit specialists. Call us today to request a consultation!