How Roof Shingles are Rated

Roof shingles are like carpet, they come in all colors and varieties.  The problem is that most people can’t tell the difference between a quality roof shingle.  This is why Underwriters Laboratories created the rating system for a roof shingle.

The highest classification for roof shingles is the Class IV Roof Shingle.  A Class IV shingle is specially manufactured with a SBS, a modified asphalt formula, which helps the shingle better withstand the effects of hail and high winds.  This rubberized asphalt shingle is created by mixing the SBS with a normal shingle, and binds them together and thus creates a more flexible, rubbery shingle.  This shingle can undergo far greater impact than a traditional shingle without cracking.

Roof shingle manufacturers all adhere to the same roof impact classification, with Class IV being the highest.  These classifications are associated with the UL 2218 impact test, which is dropping a steel ball from at least 20 feet onto the shingle and examining the shingle for any cracks.

An impact-resistant shingle is not impact-proof though.  Large enough hail, when coupled with a long storm, can still cause impact marks on the shingle.  However, for a Class IV shingle, the rubberized material will make it far less likely to crack from that heavier impact.

We at Sustainable Improvements take very seriously our role in helping repair a hail damaged roof and also improving that roof.  For hail damaged roofs, insurance of course only pays to repair like kind, not necessarily improve your roof.  But we improve your roof at no additional cost to you, your roof with a free upgrade to Owens Corning Duration Storm, a solid Impact IV roof shingle.  Unlike standard shingles, Owens Corning Duration Storm impact-resistant shingles feature patented WeatherGuard®Technology which qualifies it for the Class IV 4 classification.  These shingles also feature the SureNail Technology for high-performance durability and outstanding gripping power.  Finally, a homeowner may qualify for lower premiums with our free upgrade to Class 4 shingles.