Denver Home Solar Panels, What Is Net-Metering?

While you are at work or on vacation or just plain not-home, your solar system is producing energy all day every day. When your home is producing energy that you’re not using, a surplus of energy is created. So what to do with this energy? This is called net-metering and it is available in many states including Colorado. How does it work? When your solar system generates more electricity than you use, your meter will actually run backwards, meaning you get credit for the surplus of electricity being produced by your solar panels. So when your solar panels generate energy above and beyond what your household consumes, you receive credit for that electricity. Say your system produces 110% of your annual energy needs, for example, the electric utility company is required to pay you for the additional 10% of energy that your panels have produced. Net-metering does, however, require that your solar system is a “grid-tie” system as opposed to an “off the grid” system. This means that your home is connected to both the utilities and your solar system. The first step in deciding if solar power is right for your home is to talk with a certified professional about Denver home solar panels. We are experts in the industry and will objectively answer all of your questions about area-specific incentives, energy rebates and financing programs available at the local, state or federal level. Call us today for a free informational consultation!