Denver Home Solar Panels, Let’s Talk Turkey

How much money will you save by having a solar system installed in your home? Well, what was your electrical bill last month? Generally, a solar panel system will provide seventy percent of your electrical usage. Let’s do the math: if you spent $200 on electricity last month and a solar panel system can save you 70%, then you will save $140 each month. That’s $1,680 per year. Plus, remember that electricity costs historically go up 2 to 3 percent each year, so by the year 2020 you will save approximately $2260 annually on your electric bill. Typically, when your system is properly sized, it will produce so much energy during the summer that you will pay next to nothing for those months. Still, keep in mind that some solar systems save more and some save less, so get a detailed estimate. The first step in deciding if solar power is right for your home is to talk with a certified professional about Denver home solar panels. We are experts in the industry and will objectively answer all of your questions about area-specific incentives, energy rebates and financing programs available at the local, state or federal level. Call us today to request a free solar consultation!