Denver Home Solar Panels, How Does Solar Work?

Solar panels are quite simple: they convert sunlight into electricity. Remember the silicon wafer technology that jump-started the whole computer era? Solar technology is very similar. A solar panel generates electricity which is sent to an inverter box. This box is typically attached to the side of your home — it’s the size of a large shoebox. The inverter box converts the electricity into the standard AC current that comes from your utility company. That’s it! There are no moving parts and very few components are required. This is why installation of residential solar systems only takes only a day or two. The first step in deciding if solar power is right for your home is to talk with a certified professional about Denver home solar panels. We are experts in the industry and will objectively answer all of your questions about area-specific incentives, energy rebates and financing programs available at the local, state or federal level. Call us today for a free informational consultation!