Denver Home Energy Savings, Are New Appliances Worth It?

The answer is yes. Unlike other household items, major appliances in the last twenty years have gone UP in energy efficiency, DOWN in price. Research shows that between 1980 and 2001, the energy efficiency of washing machines — especially front loaders — improved by approximately sixty percent while consumer prices dropped by forty percent. To improve your home energy savings, upgrade to Energy Star rated products for appliances and electronics. You may also consider a conversion to solar electric, solar hot water and fuel cell products that drastically reduce your home’s energy consumption. Furthermore, there are often federal and local tax incentives and rebates to promote improvements that increase your home’s energy efficiency. Making your home more energy efficient is a wise choice for homes in most regions of the United States not only because you reduce high energy bills, improve comfort and help to protect the environment, but it is an important first step for homeowners interested in green remodeling. To develop a plan of action for Denver home energy savings, contact a certified professional about scheduling an energy audit. Not only are we experts in the industry, but we are Colorado’s best energy audit specialists. Call us today to request a consultation!