Denver Home Energy Audit, How It Works

You want to lower your energy bills but you don’t want to drain your bank account, so which home improvements can accomplish this objective? What design modifications would actually lower your bills? With low cost and highest savings being the goal, a certified home energy audit will first determine your current energy usage and energy waste with state-of-the-art technology for blower-door testing, combustion area zone testing and infrared thermal imaging. The next step is to reduce energy waste wherever possible before improvements are made. Finally, a recommendation is made as to which improvements should be made and in what order. Furthermore, with a certified Denver home energy audit you will learn which incentives, rebates or tax credits you may qualify for at the local or federal level. Remember that each home is unique and improvements are made based on past energy usage, current and projected energy prices as well as your home’s specific features (do you have an older home or is it newly constructed?). To develop a concrete plan of action to lower your energy bills, first contact a certified professional about scheduling an energy audit. Not only are we experts in the industry, but we are Colorado’s best energy audit specialists. Call us today to request a consultation!